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02 april 2015

Nina’s good little girl has turned into a woman looking for strong emotions with «L’Extase», Nina Ricci’s new fragrance.

This new creation ventures into a woman’s dream, furiously blurring its boundaries and boldly knocking us over. The new Nina Ricci woman does not do what she wants but wants what she does, able to live out her desires, thinking them up and finally freeing herself from them to reach ecstasy.

The fragrance stirs the senses, first as soft as velvet, built around a bouquet of white petals, natural rose and pink peppercorn. Its true nature is revealed in its musky, ambry depths where notes of Siam benzoin and Virginia cedarwood unfold.

To dream this sensual, almost erotic waking dream, actress and top model Laetitia Casta. In turns «wild and sophisticated», she personifies a desire magnified by the powerful and mysterious accords crafted by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. L’Extase is his first Nina Ricci creation.

As for the design, inspiration for the bottle came from the clutch coutire, a truly classic piece. A shading of purple, touches of gold and black satin ribbon express a fiercely feminine passion.

Breath in this ecstasy, do not blush as you let yourself go... «Free your fantasies»! And let us know how much the fragrance inspired you.


Photos : (c) Nina Ricci

OSMOZ team

OSMOZ team

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  • 31 may 2015

    Excelente marca de perfumes, me fascina, grandiosa!!

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  • 15 april 2015

    Le clip est " on ne peut plus" suggestif , pas vraiment conforme à l'impression que je ressens avec l'Extase. Pour moi, il y a un décalage entre ce que je vois et ce que je sens.

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  • 13 april 2015

    Deep emotion in perfume is something I look for when I'm having an emotional day. I would try l'Extase. I am wondering why the Osmoz site is not including all the new perfume launches. For example: B by Balenciaga, Knot by Bottega Venetta and Wood and Sea Salt by Jo Malone. There are so many others out there that are not listed in the "New Fragrances" section on this site.

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  • 06 april 2015

    Bonjour, Laetitia casta est vraiment magnifique dans cette campagne publicitaire et ça donne vraiment envie de découvrir ce nouveau parfum. La publicité Nina Ricci est juste sublime et vous pouvez la découvrir sous ce lien si vous ne l'avez pas encore vue : http://bit.ly/1GYW3Sp

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