2006 Creation
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Oriental - Floral Olfactory groups

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A sweet, fruity opening with a Mirabelle-plum accord and a pinch of pink pepper. A voluptuous, powerful floral heart softened with lily-of-the-valley. The warm, gentle trail blends powdery, woodsy and vanilla notes.

At a glance

Femininity, freedom and fun


Freedom was the source of inspiration for Inspiration. The freedom to express your emotions to the fullest, to live with pleasure and spontaneity and to make of each day a new adventure. The optimistic fragrance, nestled sensually in its sky-blue box, blends voluptuous flowers with vanilla and powdery notes.


Eau de Parfum 2.5 and 1.7 fl. oz.; Body Lotion 5 fl. oz.; Shower Gel Douche 5 fl. oz.; Roll-on Deodorant 1.65 fl. oz.; Deodorant Spray 5 fl. oz.


A round, transparent, fluid bottle topped with a ‘cap like an airy bubble’. The pale-blue satiny box evokes the sky and a sense of lightness.

  • No rate for this perfume 10 december 2014

    Je me demande pourquoi il est si mal distribué en France... il m'inspire en tout cas. J'aime bien le slogan FFF "Feminity, freedom and fun"...

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  • Exceptional perfume 24 june 2014

    Impossible à trouver en France pour ma part :'(

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  • Exceptional perfume 24 june 2014

    LE Parfum !! Eté comme hiver je le garde toujours à portée de cou !!!

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  • Exceptional perfume 10 september 2013

    I truly adore Inspiration to the point that when I have extra money, I'll buy some. It is such a different floral oriental. It is just beautiful from the opening to the middle & then dry-down. There is some powder in the dry-down but not too much powder. It is a bit sweet, but in an inspiring way. It's a great floral oriental for daytime. My hair is now platinum and fixed into an up-do that is a tiny bit messy. My hair will look good all day even with rain or humidity. I am spending the afternoon in a Mediterranean bistro with my shining chandelier earrings, a pleated skirt and Inspiration. The regulars will always inhale as they hug you for a "hello" and they always check out and comment on my shoes. They embrace perfume, love how women dress and love to talk and laugh. I can always leave with my spirits lifted and a smile on my face.

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