Forum Rules

Version dated 2012-09-06

Once you have signed up for OSMOZ, you can contribute as much as you please, earning OSMOZ points towards great prizes as you do… As long as you respect a few rules in your comments about the fragrances that inspire you!

Make It Enjoyable

In order to make reading your comments easier and more enjoyable for everyone, please watch out for spelling mistakes, and avoid “text-message spelling”!

Respect the community

To maintain the quality of exchanges, remember that people can disagree with you… so don’t just express your opinion, justify it!

Report Inappropriate Comments

We use post-moderation. Only your first two comments will be validated before publication. OSMOZ reserves the right to delete or modify at its own discretion any member’s contributions that do not conform to the site’s standards, whether in terms of contents or of style.

All comments that are off-topic, commercial, insulting, rude, slanderous, racist, anti-Semitic or illegal or inappropriate in any way will be deleted immediately. Since moderation is performed after posting, please help us to maintain the quality of the site by informing us about any illicit or inappropriate contents. All you have to do is click on Report abuse.