Why and how can you earn points?

Version dated 2012-09-05

The more you contribute to OSMOZ, the more points you accumulate… Points that give you the chance to win prizes and to be featured on OSMOZ… It’s up to you!

Why accumulate OSMOZ points?

The more points you earn, the higher you rise in the hierarchy of OSMOZ members… Which means more rewards, depending on your status:

  • You become a BRONZE member as soon as you have 300 points, i.e. as soon as your registration is complete
  • You achieve SILVER status at 600 points
  • You become a GOLD member when you reach 2,000 points



How can you earn OSMOZ points?

As soon as you sign up on OSMOZ, you start accumulating points. After that, the more active you are on the site, the more points you accumulate!

Here’s how many points you earn for each action:

  • Sign up: 50 points
  • Complete your profile: 10 points per question answered, up to 300 points when your registration is complete
  • Your registration is complete: 300 points
  • You share contents on a social network (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.): 20 points
  • Publish a comment: 50 points
  • Perform an action for a specific fragrance (say you wear or have worn it, were or weren’t inspired by it): 20 points

Starting earning points now!


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